Zoom - TeaParty mit Kaffee und Kuchen
(und Bier!)

What a nice idea, a cake in the colors of the German flag.
In which household there was the cake and in which the beer will remain a secret.


cake german flag


Roth TT Afternoon Tea 21032021






We thank Elizabeth Scannell for her wonderful verses and all our Towntwinning-Partners for their warm greetings.

We are very much looking forward to our visit next year


Verses for Roth from Elizabeth Scannell

Verses for Roth2

Verses for Roth2

Verses for Roth3

Verses for Roth4



Boris Johnson's letter to the nation on Coronavirus

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Octoberfest 2019

Jon summarized the results from the “octoberfest 2019”: We had a very good day and sold everything we had, both food and drink!

Jon and Elizabeth at Oktoberfest SMALL

Elizabeth Scannell and Diane Matthews Brentwood Roth Town Twinning Association SMALLJon and Noelle Busy at OktoberfestMain Group Oktoberfest CU SMALL

Main Group with Brewery Sign Oktoberfest SMALLNoelle 2 Busy Sizzling SausagesNoelle Busy Sizzling Sausages

Photo 2 Cllr Jon Cloke at Oktoberfest SMALL


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