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Impressions from the Brentwood Brewing Oktoberfest, Saturday 23rd September 2017

The Brewery-Twinning is arranged!

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For all those who are not a friend of Facebook, here are the exciting news:


Pyraser Bier





German Brewery and a superb British Brewery working together

Oktoberfest 2017 


The story behind it is that this would never have happened without the
Town-Twinning Association.
You all know me and my love of fine Beer!

At Brentwood's recent German Town-Twinning Beer festival I was asked by the
owner of the Brentwood Brewery, Roland Kannor if we could get some real
German Beer for his Oktoberfest. You will remember he supplied a barrel of
Pilsner beer free.
Using my town-twinning connection as Chairman to Anne Klier the chairman in
Landkreis Roth we managed to get Brentwood Brewery talking to the Pyraser
Brewery in Roth.

Not only did we get them some German Beer but they will visit us for the
Oktoberfest on 23rd. September bringing 30 cases of Pyraser Bier and 3
people to look after and serve it - they will also be taking a large
quantity of Brentwood beer back with them.
Brentwood Brewery also expect to pay a return visit to Landkreis Roth next

So, we now have a Superb German Brewery and a superb British Brewery working
together and large quantities of Beer/Bier travelling back and forth.

If this isn't a major benefit from Town Twinning for both Brentwood and
Landkreis Roth then I don't know what is!

Please feel free to promote this as much as you like!


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